Wealthman is a decentralized platform for the development, execution and marketing of wealth management services. The platform has strong embedded antifraud features allowing both autonomous robo-advisors and human-driven digital asset management services to be secure for investors.

How it works

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Build Wealth

Marketplace of wealth management services with efficiency metrics

Investment portfolio is rebalanced by the chosen wealth manager through the Wealthman DApp.

Managed assets can be observed and accessed by private key at any time.

High competency

High competency

Wealthman evaluates the degree to which robo-advisors and wealth managers meet the objectives set by investors. Ranking based on such findings makes service effectiveness transparent and motivates the demand for quality. Competition increases the quality of wealth management services.

Assets security

Assets security

Wealthman is designed with strong embedded antifraud measures that protect against deception. Decentralised service execution and asset storage eliminate the capital risks caused by the errors/vulnerability of a central party.



Being decentralised, Wealthman wins in situations where there is a lack of trust by the investor in the wealth manager’s competency, honesty or infrastructure reliability.


Start a wealth management business

Customizable KYC; ready-made client interface.

Safely execute deals with on-blockchain assets.

Wealth managers’ service provision and remuneration payment is controlled by Wealthman DApp.

Environment for rapid development of advisory, discretionary and robo-advisory services.


Provide data

Anyone can provide data series and earn fees.

Public data correctness and continuity are validated by Proof of Value (PoV) consensus.

Proof of Value mining allows Wealthman users to earn by using their on-platform liquid assets for validation of public data.

This solves the 50%+ stake irreversibility issue of Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms.

Lead the way- be the first one

Our vision

In our long-term vision, Wealthman is the most intelligent, safest and fastest platform for wealth management and hence gains acceptance industry-wide. It is our belief that decentralized autonomous robo-advisors based on smart contracts will dislodge centralized robo-advisors and human-driven wealth management services. Registers of global assets will be decentralised. Thus, decentralized robo-advisors will come to dominate the market for wealth management services.

Software development roadmap

Decentralized Wealth Management R&D
June 2017
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  • Assembling the team and developing the Concept of a Decentralized WM Platform;
  • Business logic map;
  • Risk profiling, rating, DAO management methodology;
  • White Paper;
Active platform development
March 2018
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  • Release of the platform’s alpha version (front-end – for investors and wealth managers, backend – algorithm testing and execution, data flow);
  • Testing platform;
  • Development of application for algorithm writing and testing by wealth managers;
  • Attracting wealth managers to the wealth management platform;
  • Online tutorials on how to use the platform’s tools to program algorithms.
Beta release
October 2018
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  • Modules of portfolio building and balancing are operational;
  • Attracting market participants to the platform;
Release of the 3.0 version of the platform
January 2019
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  • Decentralization of calculations
Get more about future
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  • Development of new types of contracts;
  • Wealthman taking advantage of conventional assets being digitized;
  • Getting benefits from transferring asset registers to a blockchain;
  • Step by step approach to the long-term vision;
  • All modules are fully operational.


  • Wealthman taking advantage of conventional assets being digitized
  • Step by step approaching long-term vision
  • All modules are fully operational
  • Development of new types of contracts


Core team

David Drake
Wealth management & Investment Advisor
Paulius Stankevicius
Global PR Coordinator
Maya Epstein
Development team Lead
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Meet us

APR, 16-17
Dubai, UAE
FEB 21-22, 18
London, UK
10 Jun 2018
Zug, Switzerland
19 Jul 2018
Doha, Qatar
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