May 18 2018
The way to trustless wealth management ©
What is trustless? Recently, many people – especially blockchain developers – have entered the controversy regarding the meaning of the word ‘trustless’
Apr 04 2018
How Wealthman Will Disrupt Wealth Management ©
Wealth Management Challenge
A person in possession of capital seeking to hire a wealth manager has to make a difficult choice among a wide range of offers. A client has to rely purely on the reputation of a manager while measuring the reputation isn’t quite rational. Instead, a client has to look for the perceptible features in the result of their previous work.
Mar 27 2018
Meet Andrei Huseu, Wealthman CEO ©
We are starting a series of articles dedicated to our team members. The first to be introduced is our CEO, Andrei Huseu. The core thinker and the driving force behind Wealthman, he pushes the project forward at an incredible pace. Some fact about Andrei: Out of 16 years of experience in investment banking and…
Mar 06 2018
Wealthman welcomes the SEC’s intention to increase the safety ©
Recently, there has been a huge growth in the crypto market, however, it also experienced many cases of scam.
Therefore, the SEC has filed a number of lawsuits in recent months against allegedly fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Previously, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) used to examine only the particular cases of violation of the regulatory policies such as…